I feel so blessed to be here in Japan to get to know my new grandson. He was born 3 weeks ago at a really nice clinic. The place had the feeling of a women’s spa. The staff of nurses pampered the women and made an effort to make them feel special. My grandson was on 6lbs when he was born,he was so small and precious. I was filled with so much happiness to see my son hold his baby and look into his eyes. My son was so gentle, with this new little baby, cradling him in his arms,touching and looking at his tiny hands and ears. I am so grateful that my daughter in law welcomed me into her new nest.




I take my daughter in law’s dog for evening walks along a river that runs past the back of the neighborhood. Last night I ventured farther up the narrow streets. I passed two different cemeteries with large tombstones made of marble or granite. The setting sun made a pleasant glow on the gold leaf filled kanji words.
I was ready to turn towards home, when a statue of a foo dog caught my eye. I was intrigued by my discovery, there are two dogs on either side of a post and lintel gate, that are about 3 feet tall.


Feeling Wonderful in Japan

The full moon, colored orange from the smog in The air welcomed me to Incheon Korea. My 16 hr layover was spent in Songdo. The next morning I flew into Fukuoka Japan, greeted by my son, who I thought was underway with his ship. He and his wife surprised me. The next  day my daughter in law was scheduled. To go to the clinic for the induced labor…to give birth.
It has been three days now since we welcomed our new family member,an adorable baby boy.

On my way

Ok today is the day. I’m at the airport,at my gate. I am trying to stay chill. I changed my money into SKW…Korean cash, for my layover in Seoul. From there it is on to Japan. For now, I will people watch.

I haven’t posted here in a while, I suppose I am waiting to say something interesting. Right now I’m concentrating on getting some reading done.I wrote my first essay about personal essays, after reading some selected readings by Virginia Woolf and Eric Blair. This is all in preparation for writing my own personal essays and creative non fiction. Writing is not necessarily a new medium of expression for me, and I did choose to focus on creative writing for my last quarter of college. I am getting my self ready to write essay 2, on readings from Mark Twain and Annie Dillard. I have been keeping a little note book, writing down sentences and passages that I find poignant.

Organising my mind for travel

Oh my mind feels like it is thick with molasses. How does one organize for being away for 2 and a half months. I need new undies and tights, I can’t forget to bring presents for the new baby. My laptop in in the shop getting a tune up. I’m a little less stressed now that my contract for my quarter has been approved, but I need to pack as few books as possible, I’ve seen people at the airport with suitcases that are weighed down with books, trying to reorganize them as if the bag will become lighter….and I haven’t got any  straight answers about bringing my violin. I will not check it..I will call tomorrow,the office is closed now. I’m going to miss my husband, but I know he will be fine, and so will I. I arrive in Japan on our 27th wedding anniversary.

Beginning to write

I have started this writing as a way to record my last quarter of college. I will be spending 2.months in Japan, It will be my first time in Asia. I will spend one night in South Korea, by myself. I will become grandmother for the first time, I will be spending time with my son who is in the Navy, and my new daughter in law who is from Japan.
I am a lover of books and words, as I write this,I am listening to a lecture on Russian literature, but I am not a writer per say. I express my self through visual means. Painting,collage and are my usual medium. So have patience dear reader, as I explore my thoughts and observations, putting them into words.